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11 Toxic Signs There’s No Emotional Intimacy in Your Marriage

So it’s safe to say that without emotional intimacy, a relationship can feel empty and ultimately, pointless.

Can a Marriage Survive Without Emotional Intimacy?

Most marriages will struggle to survive without emotional intimacy. Emotional connection is an essential ingredient in a healthy marriage, and a core reason couples enter relationships in the first place. You might be able to tough it out for the kids or for financial reasons, but most couples desire more than just grinding away the years together.

And when a marriage has the potential to be so much more, why would you settle?

Modern marriage asks a lot more of us. It’s not the 1800s anymore – we want more than just a convenient financial or political arrangement:

  • We want to feel close, connected, loved, and cherished.
  • We want to become a kick-ass team, sharing life’s adventures and taking on the world together.
  • And we want our relationships to nurture and inspire us – to help us grow into our best selves and fulfil our highest potential.

It’s not enough then for a marriage to just survive. Now, more than ever, we want our marriage to thrive.

And to do that, emotional intimacy is essential.

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