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6 Easy Ways to Strengthen Your Relationship During Lockdown

Strengthen Your Relationship #5:


When enforced lockdown was first announced, many of us had visions of luxurious stay-cations: sleep-ins, sex romps, wine and dinner dates in the lounge room.

A few weeks in and the reality looks much different. There’s maybe a lot less sex and a lot more sweatpants.

And that’s OK.

If you’re not tearing each other’s clothes off in fits of red-hot passion, don’t be concerned. It’s normal to be experiencing lower desire in times of stress and uncertainty.

But don’t let that be an excuse to stop physical contact altogether.

Make time to cuddle and connect.

Build it into your daily routine by making it the first thing you do in the morning and the last thing you do before sleep.

Have random drop-everything-and-just-hold-each-other moments throughout the day.

Hold hands and snuggle when binge-watching your favourite series.

Affectionate touch is more important than ever. It helps your nervous system to feel safe and settled, and literally boosts your immune system.*

And of course, it helps you feel closer and more connected.

(And if you do need some support keeping sexual connection alive, check out our online course Reignite Your Love Life – The Couple’s Complete Guide To Initiating Sex & Re-Kindling Desire)

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