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This Pistol-Squat Challenge Is No Joke, But Karina Elle Pulled It Off

There’s no arguing that pistol squats, when done properly, can be a great exercise for your legs and glutes. Unfortunately, they’re not easy to master. It takes strength, balance and good mobility to make the most of this muscle-building movement. 

Given that a standard pistol squat is something even experienced gym-goers often have difficulty with, the pistol-squat challenge trainer and model Karina Elle conquered in a recent Instagram post is all the more impressive. 

The premise of the challenge is simple: Complete four variations of a pistol squat one after another. But simple doesn’t mean easy. She started off the sequence with a pistol squat to heel stretch, then lowered into a Hawaiian squat, moved into a shrimp squat, and finished off with a dragon squat. 

Here’s Karina nailing the challenge and still managing to sport a smile: 

These movements are no walk in the park — for most, that first heel stretch would probably be an insurmountable challenge if Karina’s range of motion is what we’re supposed to be going for here. Her post doesn’t mention where the challenge came from, just that she “had to give it a go,” so the jury’s still out on whether attempts at this sequence of squats will be the next viral challenge. 

If you’re in the middle of our Oxygen 100-squat Fitness Quest, these variations are definitely fair game when it comes to that Badassery Badge. If you’re not doing the 30-day challenge, what’s stopping you? Check out the Fitness Quests here. 

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