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Foundation of a good relationship rests on mutual understanding

  • The foundation of a good relationship rests on mutual understanding and understanding. Jealousy and high expectations only make it worse. … do this face to face
  • As far as possible, share this sad news with your partner in person and not via email, phone or chatting. Ending the relationship through dialogue together with itself definitely helps in solving the life ahead.
  • …talk in a place where your partner feels saved
  • A crowded restaurant might not be the right place to have this talk, especially when the matter is so sensitive. Choose a place where your partner and you can talk comfortably and express your feelings.
  • …be ready for their reaction
  • Leaving someone can be a very painful feeling for them. So don’t be surprised if your partner starts yelling, crying, arguing or becoming uncontrollable at you. Keep yourself calm in this situation, and think from their point of view that the pain of a broken relationship is probably enough for them.

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