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What is Keto Diet,what to eat and what not to eat

To lose weight, everyone usually thinks, eat a lot of junk food now, when you have to lose weight, then you will lose weight by running.

We have often heard these things from the mouths of every person whose weight has increased, who is fat, who has more body fat.

When their half-baked information does not work, then they run after diet, make some mistakes in order to lose weight in a hurry. Some people give up eating and drinking completely and go to sleep hungry stomach even at night.

Some people do so much workout and cardio that they lose their muscles. Some people are always confused whether they want to build muscle or lose fat.

At the same time, some people start following any diet for themselves without checking the internet, which they think will be healthy. So friend, I would like to tell that the thing you need the most to lose weight is diet. That’s why when it comes to the name of weight loss diet, then the name of keto diet comes at the top.
That’s why today I am giving you all the information about keto diet, which you need to know. Like what is keto diet (keto diet kya hoti hai), what should be keto diet and its benefits
what is keto diet
Keto diet is also known as ketogenic diet, low-carb diet, low-carb high fat diet, etc.

In a normal diet, protein carb is high, protein is very low and fat is medium, due to which most people remain unhealthy. But on the other hand everything is reversed in the keto diet. It has the lowest amount of carb, the highest amount of fat and the amount of protein is between fat and carb.
keto diet macro
If you are on a keto diet, then every meal of yours should have this ratio of protein, carbs and fat.
Fat – 70 percent
Protein – 25 percent
Carbs – 5 percent

Our body gets energy from carbs, this is absolutely true. If there is no carbs in the body, fat gets energy and if there is no fat in your body, then your body gives you energy by burning your muscles.
Your body breaks down and converts them into glucose when you eat too many carbs.

Now imagine when you eat more carbs, some part of them converts into glucose and burns through some work or physical activity and the rest of the glucose gets stored as your body fat, so that you slowly- Get fat slowly.
Converting carbs into glucose is the easiest thing your body can do. To lose weight, you have to reduce this glucose and glucose is made from carbs, so it simply means that You have to cut the amount of carbs When you stop taking carbs in the keto diet, the other way your body is left with to keep you energized is fat.
In such a situation, ketones start forming in your liver and your body reaches the keto stage and your body gives you energy by burning the secondary energy source ie fat, because it knows that you have stopped taking carbs.
The fat stored in your body is your stored energy and in keto phase your body will burn the same stored fat and thus you will lose fat, lose weight and gradually you will start getting absorbed.
At that time, it is important for you to take protein, because your body does not break the muscles and you do not get too absorbed.

Keto diet problems
By taking low carbohydrate in keto diet, some problems start coming in your body. like :

  1. Closing whole grain will reduce a lot of fiber in your body. This can cause problems with your bowel movement (Flash Out). For this, you need to add so much fiber to your diet, that you reach 20-25 grams of fiber.
    Now you must be thinking that how to add fiber, because fiber is not found in meat, chicken, eggs, oil etc. So I would like to tell that for this, you should add green vegetables in your diet, in which a lot of fiber is found. For example – Spinach, Fenugreek, Lettuce, Cucumber, Gourd, Mint etc.
  2. By closing the grains, your body will not get enough minerals and vitamins, then your body will lack all of them. Therefore, it will be necessary for you to add multivitamin tablets to your diet.
  3. The third thing that will be lacking is water. When the amount of carb in your body is less, then your body will not hold water, because you must be aware that one gram of carbohydrate holds 3 grams of water and when there is no carb in the body then there will be a shortage of water too. So keep in mind that in such a situation, drink at least 10 glasses of water throughout the day.
    After starting the keto diet, when your metabolism changes, you will also have some temporary healthy problems, which will last for 5-7 days only. Due to which you will feel very hungry, lethargy, tired etc. You have to be mentally prepared for this, so it will work very well.
    Follow this diet for 1-3 months only, after that come back to your normal diet and after some time you can repeat this diet again according to your goal.
    What to eat in keto diet
    In Keto Diet Plan, you have to take the most care of eating, because if you eat something wrong in between, then you can come out of ketosis. In this diet, you have to eat those things which have high fat and low carb and medium protein. such as nuts, seeds, olive oil.

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