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The Reactions to the “Gossip Girl” Reboot Will Have You Clicking Play

This post contains spoilers for the first episode of HBO Max’s Gossip Girl, “Just Another Girl on the MTA.” 

After much anticipation, the Gossip Girl reboot is finally here. On July 8, the first episode of the new series premiered on HBO Max with plenty of references to the original (though no cameos so far) and one major twist – which was perhaps expected if you’d paid attention to OG and reboot narrator Kristen Bell.

We are only one episode in out of the six we’ll get this summer – there’s an additional four slated to release sometime in the fall – but viewers have plenty of thoughts already. Despite some mixed reviews from critics, it looks like overall Twitter was feeling the premiere – if unexpectedly. “Overall, the first episode of the gossip girl reboot ate down… they’re giving us sibling rivalry, hot polyamorous relationships, FASHION, and bitchyness [sic], I know [that’s] right!” another user commented

With its easter eggs and mess galore, somehow, it looks like the reboot has managed to win over even the skeptics. 

Even if viewers were mostly on board in the end, that doesn’t mean the premiere was without criticism. The most dividing factor for fans seemed, by far, to be “the twist” – aka Gossip Girl’s identity being revealed from the get-go. “Part of me enjoyed the first ep but, at the same time, I don’t know if revealing the identity of the new Gossip Girl on the pilot ep was the way to go. The mystery and anonymity of GG in the OG series helped move the plot,” a user pointed out. “Gossip girl 2.0 would be so much better without these teachers the best thing about GG is the mystery and the way it centers around teenagers not stupid jealous millennial teachers,” another one added.

Others, however, were not as opposed to the reveal itself but were taken aback by GG’s identity – for better or for worse. “They are GROWN creating a blog about teenagers,” someone commented. “That episode was a 6/10 I’m sorry but those predatory *ss teachers made it hard to enjoy this episode and possibly the show as a whole,” someone else added. “These teachers are leaking information, cyberbullying & creating false drama between students… Yea I can’t wait till they get fired,” a third one noted. (If you want to know the cast’s opinion, we got you.)

For others, however, the worst part was that the series is being released weekly. “I can’t believe I have to wait another week for the next Gossip Girl episode. I’m too accustomed to the privilege of binge streaming,” someone commented after watching the pilot. (ICYMI, the first six episodes of Gossip Girl will be premiering Thursdays on HBO Max and Fridays on The CW.)

Going into the characters, the main cast is considerably larger this time around – but that is not stopping viewers from picking their favs already. Whether it’s Audrey, Max, Aki, the sisters, or our resident purveyors of drama Monet and Luna. (If you need a cast refresher, we also got you.)

While some viewers still preferred the original even after enjoying the pilot, others appreciated the new air the reboot is breathing into the franchise. “None of the references to current pop culture or our generation felt forced… #GossipGirl writers were definitely in their bag because everything flowed seamlessly,” a Twitter user noted.

Featuring songs from the likes of Frank Ocean, Q, Ariana Grande, Rei Ami, Billie Eilish, Tinashe, Rosalía, and Vanessa Carlton, the soundtrack was one of the most praised aspects of the pilot across the board. “Whoever chose what songs to put on the soundtrack definitely deserves all the praise. everytime [sic] a song started playing I felt myself transcending y’all don’t understand,” one user tweeted. “The soundtrack of Gossip Girl is too good like how can I not love this,” another one said. “The pilot definitely didn’t live up to my expectations. The soundtrack was fire though,” a third one added.

Overall, whether it be because they love it or love to hate it, Twitter seems on board and episode 2 is coming so we’d better buckle up!

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