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What is the right age to get married

Marriage is a word that we all have been hearing about since childhood. When you are young, the question of getting married again comes up which is a bit difficult to get rid of.

Have you ever wondered what is the right age to get married?

People in the village like to get married early and settle down, but on the other hand in the city people like to stay for marriage till the age of 30-35. The times are changing a lot, due to which people first focus on their career and later get married. Let us know what is the right age of marriage? Data in India Currently the average age of marriage for a male in India is around 26 years; And the average age of marriage for women is about 22 years.

Even today, marriage is not given much importance in America – currently only 51% of Americans are married. US According to the Bureau of Population, 72% of Americans were married in 1960. Coming generation will also remember Dilip Kumar and Saira Banu’s love story What is the right age? But for those people who are going to get married in the future, the debate increases – what is the proper age of marriage for women?

There are some advantages and disadvantages to getting married at each age when it comes to education, economics, personal development and childbearing.

Know its history and fun traditions Marry at the age of 22-25 You have completed your college studies immediately and you want to make your career. At this age, you want to marry your college or school life partner or a friend you met on your first day in kindergarten or a neighbor who grew up with you.

Benefits of Getting Married at 22-25 Years You and your groom are both young, so you can grow together, transform yourself, and walk in the same direction as you would a couple. Just like you grew up. You can also become a young parent if you have decided to give birth to a child.

In this way you can make your own big family. Disadvantages of Getting Married at 22-25 You don’t know yourself very well when you’re under 25 – especially when it comes to what you want to do in your life and what you really want What do you believe in, both individually and as a couple? Is this bad?

50% of all divorce cases in India are of people who are married below the age of 20; Among those who married in the age group of 20-23, this percentage is up to 34% – the divorce rate also decreases with age. Getting married at the age of 25-30 These are those wonderful and fun times when you keep on discovering what you are as a woman, what you ultimately want to do in your life and what matters to you .

When you meet a man at the age of 20 to 30, you consider yourself a beauty. Benefits of getting married at the age of 25-30 At this age you can meet someone whose thoughts are similar to yours because now you have become aware of yourself.

You would have had enough time to party, travel and stay in the office longer with your friends alone. At such a stage you can establish yourself as an experienced couple with an established social community and career of their own.

Disadvantages of Marrying at the Age of 25-30 According to a study published online, a woman’s earning power financially is at its highest at the age of 30 or after. Marrying after the age of 30 also gives her an additional power to earn.

Marry at the age of 30-35 If it is a fact that the age of 30 is actually the beginning of the 20th year, then there are many opportunities available in front of you. You are secure both in terms of your career as well as personal finances and at this age you probably think of getting along with a man and not a guy. Pregnancy

The chance of a woman becoming pregnant is only 63-52%, so it may take some time for you to start a family even if you’re still under 35 – but it’s possible if Give enough time. Getting married at 35-40 Some of us women like to be called late bloomers. By this time we women have learned what we like to do to earn money, having traveled to different countries, we have come to know where we want to live and have made friends with so many men that we It is known that we do not want any romantic partner.

Disadvantages of getting married at the age of 35-40 Conceiving at this age can actually be a problem as the chances of infertility increase to 15-32% at this age; Your chances of getting pregnant are only 33% (whereas those under 35 are up to 50%.)

Marrying over 40 You are definitely one such independent woman in this middle of life Who has enjoyed a wonderful career and you have a strong group of friends who provide you emotional support. At this time you are also ready to marry a divorced / widower man or a man who is a single father. You start feeling like a beauty again.

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