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Addison Rae “Fired” as UFC Correspondent

Addison Rae’s days as a UFC correspondent are a thing of the past — or, shall I say “day”?

On July 10, Addison took to Twitter to seemingly announce she had landed a new gig with the UFC as a correspondent, posting a few pics of herself “on duty.” That same day, at the UFC 264 preliminary, she interviewed MMA champion Dustin Poirier ahead of his fight with Conor McGregor. “I studied broadcast journalism in college for [three] whole months to prepare for this moment,” the TikToker wrote in her tweet.  

Addison’s tweet might have been intended to be tongue in cheek — she famously quit Louisiana State University to focus on being an influencer – but it, of course, did not bode well with many actual journalism majors, who voiced their opinion on the replies and quote retweets. “I went to Journalism school for two years and interned (unpaid) for another 1.5 years after that. Never got hired on and had to switch careers. Thank you for this info,” someone commented under Addison’s post. “Career advice for those considering getting a full-time journalism degree: A LOT of jobs in the industry are now being taken over by influencers/celebrities/YouTubers. It’s a reality you need to deal with,” someone else added.

It looks like in the span of a few hours the tweets criticizing Addison’s role garnered unprecedented attention and Addison herself quippingly announced she wouldn’t do more correspondent takeovers for the UFC. “nvm y’all got me fired,” she wrote, also on July 10, retweeting the post that started it all. (According to E! News, Addison didn’t have an official partnership with the UFC, it was only a “ social activation.” ESPN also described her as a “part-time UFC intern” during its coverage so who knows what the future might hold.) 

It also appears the influencer has not taken the criticism to heart as she also retweeted a tweet that jokingly called her the “most hated UFC commentator ever” shortly after.

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