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Energizing morning yoga and fitness

Some of us feel that the body is stiff and that it is time to do something. This is normal because winter has passed there with often a drop in energy.

With the sun coming back more, this is the ideal way to motivate yourself to get back in shape and recharge your batteries. Orezen offers a short morning yoga sequence to practice before breakfast at home. Enough to start the day positively with the program refocusing, beautiful openings, stretching and balance!

Orezen meditation posture for Yoga and Fitness

When you wake up, you can sit comfortably on your bed or in another quiet room with a meditation cushion. The back is straight with the hands-on the thighs or in Chin Mudra (index and thumb). The shoulders are relaxed and the neck long.

To start, the focus is on the breath. The breath is natural at first, then you can voluntarily lengthen your breath more and more for about 5 minutes. It’s okay to have thoughts that arise but the idea is to calm the mind by not dwelling on it and to give the mind this precious time to be first in the body (you) before go about your business for the day (the outside world).

Cobra pose or extended cobras Orezen

Lying comfortably on your stomach, you will now refuel with the classic or extended cobras. For the classic, recommended if the back is very stiff, the feet are together and the legs stretched out but without forcing because then the upper body will be active.

The hands are placed on either side of the body at shoulder height while the forehead is on the floor. During a deep breath, you can lift your chest and breathe deeply (3 to 5 breaths) while looking ahead or up.

For a comfortable posture, it is best to climb lower while pushing the chest forward and up and relaxing the shoulders back and down. In the classic version, the arms are slightly bent. It is possible to do this with the elbows on the floor and the arms parallel to the distance of your shoulders if the lower back is fragile. In the extended version, the arms can be stretched (be careful depending on the back and its morphology) and the feet will be spaced the width of your pelvis.

This cobras posture called Bujangasana is a powerful opening of the chest that strengthens both the abdomen while relaxing the back. When you’re feeling a little rusty, it’s great for getting back into shape gradually.

Pigeon pose
To get started, you can sit cross-legged and keep your right leg bent as you stretch the left leg back. The hands are on either side of the bent knee. During a deep breath, you will then stretch your arms forward little by little while leaning your torso towards the bent knee, counting 5 to 10 breaths for each side.

It is possible to place a cushion under the buttock if it is not touching the ground. These movements are powerful to stretch the glutes and hips often too closed as we are sedentary and too much sitting on chairs. Those who wish can follow up with Eka Pada Rajakapotasana or the pigeon with the bust straightened and the rear leg raised.

The photo for the item is a simpler variation on smoothly opening and re-learning how to align the hips while opening the chest. Beautiful stretches in the morning when the body is stiffest to help circulation.

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