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White House Dignitary Olivia Rodrigo Wants You Happy, Healthy, and Vaccinated

Olivia Rodrigo is teaming up with President Joe Biden in an effort to promote COVID-19 vaccinations. The White House is capitalizing on the 18-year-old pop sensation’s breakout summer to help convince young people to get the jab as concerns circulate about the Delta variant’s impact on younger patients and back-to-school season isn’t that far away.

Olivia and the president will also be working with Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the U.S. National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, chief medical advisor to the president, and the longtime face of the federal government’s COVID-19 expertise.

Rodrigo was spotted heading into the White House ahead of her meeting, looking officially chic. She got to see the West Wing first-hand. And she also delivered remarks at a press briefing with White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki.

“First, I want to say I am beyond honored and humbled to be here today to help spread the message about the importance of youth vaccination,” she said. “I’m in awe of the work President Biden and Dr. Fauci have done and was happy to help lend my support to this important initiative.”

“It’s important to have conversations with friends and family members encouraging all communities to get vaccinated and actually get to a vaccination site,” she continued, emphasizing how easy it easy to find a site at

Biden took to Twitter earlier Wednesday to emphasize the purpose for her visit, writing, “Olivia Rodrigo is stopping by the White House today with a clear message to young people: get vaccinated. It’s the best way to keep yourself and your loved ones safe from the dangerous new COVID-19 variants. Head to to find a clinic near you.”

There have been concerns that younger age groups’ vaccines rates. While their data is limited by who contributes and may not be fully representative of the national situation, what we do know from the CDC appears to indicate that people under 24 — and especially under 18 — have lagged behind older age groups when it comes to the percentage vaccinated within their demographic group.

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