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Watch Addison Rae Act in a First Look at “He’s All That”

Addison Rae has already had quite the month and she’s rounding it off with the first look at the She’s All That remake.

Back in September 2020, it was reported that Addison would be starring in an adaptation of the ‘90s classic called He’s All That. At the time, her character was said to be modeled after Freddie Prinze Jr.’s Zack Siler. 

Over a year later, the first snippet from the movie, which will premiere on Netflix on August 27, is finally making the rounds online and, well, it’s really something. The 15-second clip sees Addison’s character, called Padgett Sawyer, entering a bet with a friend (or, maybe more frenemy) to transform the nerdiest guy in school – much like Zack did in the original.

Who’s the guy in question, you might be wondering? Well, none other than Cobra Kai’s Tanner Buchanan, aka Cameron Kweller in the movie. “Makeovers are my thing. I will create the next prom king… He is a total disaster, weird, antisocial,” a succession of voiceovers proclaims in the teaser. While we love a rom-com cliché, it does look like the new film will follow the 1999 plot pretty faithfully instead of offering a fresher (and more modern) spin. (According to Deadline, the TikTok star was “a key reason why this remake took off.”)

Anyways, as a fun aside for fans of the original, Rachael Leigh Cook, who played the leading role of “geek” Laney Boggs in the 1999 film, is also part of the remake’s cast. She will play Padgett’s mom, Anna Sawyer. 

He’s All That will be Addison’s film debut, but it’s not her only new venture. In March, the star also put out her debut single, “Obsessed,” and, per Variety, she’s currently working on an upcoming EP with the likes of Charli XCX and Benny Blanco. “I’ve been songwriting a lot more, and learning more about production and the more intricate parts of music, instead of just performing,” she told the publication. “I have four songs right now that are ready and I’m really excited to share.”

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