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Hilary Duff Just Dyed Her Hair Green by Accident

Hilary Duff is known for her bright blonde hair, but it appears the star has accidentally diverted from her signature shade with a conditioner mishap that turned her hair a lovely shade of pastel green. 

As noted by Bustle, Hilary was relaxing in the bathtub and applied a conditioner to her hair that she thought was a purple toning conditioner for blonde-related brassiness. Wrong! It was apparently something she used when her hair was blue-green a few months ago, and now her light blonde hair is a bit minty.

Hilary documented the whole fiasco in some now-deleted Instagram Stories, saying, “So, I just took a bath and I put a conditioner on my hair that I thought was for taking the brassiness out. Turns out, it was leftover from when my hair was green. And now I’ve turned my hair green. Again. On accident.” According to Hilary, she left the product on for about seven minutes and was not super excited to find that the mask had turned her hair light green. Hilary did say that her blonde wasn’t in great shape as she’s in the pool with her kids a lot, and if you’ve ever had chlorine-related green hair, you know exactly what she means.

Hilary Duff
Courtesy of Hilary Duff/Instagram @Hilary Duff
Hilary Duff
Courtesy of Hilary Duff/Instagram @Hilary Duff

While her current shade likely won’t be around for long and should (hopefully) wash out soon, Hilary has probably learned a very important lesson: Keep any products meant for an old hair color in a cupboard or cabinet to avoid future mix-ups. She did look great with the blue-green hair she debuted a few months before her third child, Mae, was born, and the bright blue she rocked in the early days of the pandemic, but she went back to blonde shortly thereafter. 

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