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The Olympic Skateboarding Uniforms Have Won Over the Internet

Taking place one year after its original schedule, the Tokyo 2020 Olympics are much different than any that have come before it. Beyond the shadow of a global pandemic, the sporting event has had some positives like the introduction of new sports such as karate, surfing, and skateboarding. Skateboarding, in particular, has got spectators talking for reasons you might not expect.

On July 24 and 25, the men’s and women’s skateboarding street prelims and finals took place in Tokyo. The most elite professional skateboarders from across the world pulled out their most difficult tricks for the chance to kickflip their way to Olympic gold. The stakes were high and while everyone was paying close attention, social media couldn’t keep quiet about each country’s choice of uniform – as even the event’s official website noted. (After all, if it’s your Olympic debut you might as well compete in style!)

As people online quickly noticed, Nike is responsible for a few of this year’s most memorable Olympic skateboarding uniforms. The brand teamed up with Dutch artist and former skater Piet Parra to create the abstract prints for skateboarders from team USA, France, Brazil, and host country Japan. Unveiled earlier this year, the recycled polyester uniforms took inspo from a spot popular in each country and have been some of the most creative looks the Olympics games had to offer so far.

Though not many athletes chose to rep this design, the uniforms Parra designed for Brazil are as bold as the country’s skating talent. Its soccer jerseys feature rich greens and a sunny yellow to represent the country’s national flag. Its standout print includes bright curves that pay homage to Rio’s lush landscapes and famous mountain peaks. 

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