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Selena Gomez’s Purple Hair Has Fans Enthralled

Selena Gomez looks gorgeous with her signature dark brunette hair and glamorous as a blonde, but have you ever seen her with purple hair? If not, get ready, because the color looks so good on her that we think she should make it permanent.

Selena rocked a purple ombré wig in the video for “999,” her new song with Camilo. The singer sported darker ashy purple roots, pale purple mid-lengths, and violet ends. Later in the video, she swaps out the purple for an aqua blue wig and swaps that for a bright yellow bob; all the vibrant shades are a look for Selena, but it’s the purple that really caught fans’ attention.

Since the video debuted on August 27, fans were quick to shout out their love of the lavender look over on Twitter. “Selena Gomez with purple hair is my religion,” tweeted a fan. “No thoughts, just Selena Gomez with purple hair,” added another. “I’m so obsessed with purple in Selena she looks extremely stunning!! The music video feels so dreamy,” added another. “SELENA GOMEZ invented the color purple,” wrote a fan. We see no lies!

Unfortunately for fans, the purple hair is a wig and unlikely to stick around, but it was the perfect choice for the dreamy vibes of the video. Selena has previously tried out pink but hasn’t dipped her toe into too many fashion colors (minus the blue hair in that iconic “Teen Vogue party” video.) If Selena ever feels like going pastel, now we know that lavender and lilac compliments her brown eyes and glowing skin perfectly.

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