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5 New(ish) Celebrity Couples Whose Style Is Twice as Nice

If 2021 has one positive takeaway, it’s that it’s been a year of love. Particularly among the celebs. Several new high-profile celebrity couples have blossomed over the past few months — and thankfully these duos have given us something to distract ourselves with (and, more importantly, something to innocently gossip with our friends about).

Some have been totally unexpected, like Zoë Kravitz and Channing Tatum’s recent link-up, others have been a rekindling (you which one we’re talking about). But one thing uniting all of these new famous partners? They’ve all mastered the art of couple style in a relatively short amount of time. 

In honor, we are taking a look at five particular duos who have nailed the art of his-and-hers dressing this year. The doubled-up outfits range from grungy to classic, and matchy-matchy to totally distinct. The question is: Do you coordinate fits with your significant other? If not, these pairs below may just want to make you start. At least for the photo op. 

Below, five celebrity couples whose relationships blossomed this year — and why their style is twice as nice.

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