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14 Clothing Subscription Boxes to Upgrade Your Wardrobe

Building a well-rounded wardrobe takes time and money, but there’s a little something that makes it easier. Enter stage left: the best clothing subscription boxes. 

If you are looking for a quick and easy way to fill in any gaps in your closet without breaking the bank, investing in curated monthly or quarterly fashion deliveries is the way to go. Aside from giving your wardrobe a much-needed face-lift, the best services on the market will offer guidance from a stylist to ensure that your pieces align with your dressing needs — something you cannot always get when shopping à la carte. And, if you are looking for options that cater to specific parts of your closet, well, they have boxes for that, too.

Whether you are starting over from scratch or planning to slowly phase in new pieces before completely filtering out styles that no longer work for you, it is important to take stock of what you currently have first. That way, you can determine what you need. Subscription services like Stitch-Fix and DAILYLOOK begin by gathering more general information about your personal style, sizing, and other details about what you are looking for. Getting started is as easy as answering a few questions or taking a short quiz!

From there, you have a few different options for the stylized package of clothing, shoes, and accessories you’ll receive. The final package will not only build out complete looks but also add to what you already own. A win-win.

For more details on all fourteen of the best clothing subscription services on the market — how they work and why they’re worth every penny — keep reading. 

Stitch-Fix starts with a short yet effective style quiz required for every new customer. It asks a mix of super-simple questions about your shopping and dressing habits as well as more detailed questions about what you hope to get out of the service. Basically, share what you want and Stitch-Fix will do its very best to give it to you. 

From there, you can adjust your answers according to your specific preferences — i.e.prices, brands, clothing categories. And the best part? You control how much you want to spend. Once you decide on a general price range, you’ll pay a $20 fee for your stylist to start piecing together your box (that essentially gets credited to your final purchase.) Then when you actually get your delivery, you pay for what you like and return what you don’t. No subscription is necessary. It really is that simple.

Filled with popular brands and retailers like Urban Outfitters and Anthropologie, Nuuly is a one-stop clothing subscription for those looking to update styles regularly with sustainability in mind. For just $88 a month, you’ll be able to rent six pieces of your choice to wear as many (or as few) times as you want. It’s super great if you’re looking to constantly swap out your wardrobe, take tons of ‘gram photos, and experience pieces from different designers and price ranges. 

This Canadian brand is known for its balance between style and sustainability. The result? Functional designs with what it calls “minimal impact on the planet we love”. In addition to an assortment of shoppable styles, Frank and Oak has its own take on clothing subscription boxes called the “Style Plan.”

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