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Baby born at Toosey Hospital, named Toosey

In July of 1954, Mr. and Mrs. A. Maher welcomed the first baby to be born in the new maternity ward at Toosey Memorial Hospital in Longford, Tasmania. What was the baby girl named? Sonia Anne Marian Toosey Maher — fourth given name in honor of the hospital. (The Toosey Memorial Hospital was established in […]

Baby Keeps Waking Up at 5AM

When Your Baby Keeps Waking Up at 5AM (The Best Tips That WORK) Babies are notoriously early risers. I know that feeling ––  mine decided for a while to keep what my husband jokingly called “farmer’s hours.”  In other words, as soon as the sky lightened a tiny bit (well before technical sunrise), she’d be […]

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I Tried Energy Healing- This Is How It Boosted My Confidence Tremendously

“Energy Healing work is priceless. It makes every day extraordinary and transforms the mundane into the holy.” ― Silvia Hartmann Lift your hands and pretend that you are holding an invisible ball. Close your eyes and channel all your focus on the space between your two hands. Once you have done that, slowly move your […]

Past Life Regression Therapy Saved Our 13yrs Long Marriage With My Karmic Love

Past life regression therapy is rooted in the belief that we have lived multiple lives and each one is connected to the other. In every life, we build connections, experience struggles, and create memories that get registered in our souls or the subconscious part of our minds.  These past experiences often hold a key to […]

Babies named for Giuseppe Garibaldi

Italian general and patriot Giuseppe Garibaldi (1807-1882) was a freedom fighter on two continents. In his homeland, he strove to liberate and unify the Italian states. (He played a crucial role in the process of Italian unification, in fact, when he conquered Sicily and Naples in 1860.) And, while he was in exile in South […]

Top 3 Reasons Why You Repeatedly Attract Toxic Relationships (And How To Break The Cycle)

Diya is a 25 years old young woman who works as a Marketing head in a reputed firm. She is confident, driven, and compassionate. However, when it comes to her personal relationships she often finds herself feeling desperately confused and lost.  Diya has a history of being in toxic relationships. In hindsight, they have shaped […]

What gave the baby name Angie a boost in 1974?

After peaking in the mid-1960s, usage of the baby name Angie began to decline. But this decline was interrupted when, in 1974, usage suddenly shot up again, and the name reached a new peak in 1975: 1977: 1,390 baby girls named Angie [rank: 191st] 1976: 1,709 baby girls named Angie [rank: 153rd] 1975: 1,947 baby […]

Popular baby names in the Channel Islands, 2021

The Channel Islands are an archipelago in the English Channel. They are divided into two territories — the bailiwicks of Jersey and Guernsey — and, like the Isle of Man, they are Crown Dependencies, but not officially part of the UK. (The residents of all three regions are British citizens, though.) The Bailiwick of Jersey […]

My Crazy Real-Life Story Of Past Life Regression Therapy *A Rated Content*

This is a real-life story of past life regression therapy. The names have been changed due to privacy reasons. Please note that every person will have a different experience of past life regression therapy. The incidents mentioned in this story are real and could be triggering for some audiences.  Jay is a young man who […]