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10 habits can show you 35 at the age of 50

These 10 habits can show you 35 at the age of 0, must try it once to look young If you want to look young and beautiful in growing age, then definitely try these 10 habits that slow down age as mentioned in this article.

No one likes aging. Especially women are afraid of increasing age due to joint pain, sagging skin and the habit of constant forgetting. However, aging cannot be avoided But by adopting a few habits that slow down your age, you can not only keep your mind sharp but your joints flexible and keep your skin wrinkle-free in your 50s and beyond. Read this article to know how the age can be reversed and 35 can be shown at the age of 50.

We got to know about this after seeing the Instagram account of dietician Manpreet ji. She often shares tips related to health and diet with her fans.

If you also want to look young in growing age, then definitely try these 10 tips once.

1. Start your day with water, not tea or coffee. This is because water helps in replenishing the skin tissue.

2. Eat almonds and walnuts daily. Vitamin-E present in it helps to nourish and protect the skin from free radicals. Consume pumpkin seeds, flaxseeds for omega

3 fatty acids as it helps to control oil production of the skin and prevent acne.

4. Eat protein rich food as it helps in repairing and repairing the damaged tissues.

5. Do weight training for 20 minutes 5 days a week as it improves blood circulation in the body which helps in delivering more nutrients to the body.

6. Be active throughout the day as exercise helps in nourishing the skin cells.

7. Stay hydrated as proper hydration helps in improving skin health and gives you shiny hydrated skin.

8. Have 2 fruits and 3 vegetables daily as it helps in providing antioxidants and synthesizing collagen in the skin.

9. Take deep breaths for 5-7 minutes after getting up to nourish the skin with fresh oxygenated blood to the cells.

10. For vitamin D, take 10-15 minutes of sunlight on the skin in the morning.

These 5 foods will keep you young even in old age, there will be no need for expensive cosmetics

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