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5 Ways To Teach Baby to Self Soothe At Night

how to teach baby to self soothe at night

Picture this: Once upon a time, a new mom put her baby down at night…and the sweet little one drifted easily off to sleep. The mom didn’t have to teach Baby to self soothe at night; it just happened naturally. And they lived happily ever after.

Does this sound like a fairytale? For many new parents, it is! Not all babies simply teach themselves to fall easily off to sleep. And these parents are reaching out more and more for help so the whole household can get the rest they need.

If your experience with your baby’s sleep is more frazzled than fairy tale, don’t despair. I taught my baby to self-soothe at night, and I can teach you, too. Here are the tools you’ll need to help your little one self-soothe, and to fall asleep night after night…just like a dream.

My Story:

I Taught Baby to Self-Soothe At Night

So many of my readers want to know why I chose baby sleep consulting as my career.

Actually, it started out personally…very personally.

My new baby daughter was the light of my life. But she had a little trouble falling asleep alone. Scratch that…she had a lot of trouble falling asleep alone.

I got all kinds of advice from family and friends. Let her cry it out; let her sleep in bed with myself and my husband; and my personal favorite, “just give it time.”

But besides being completely in love with my little one, I was also going absolutely bonkers from lack of sleep.

My background in nursing gave me the tools to start researching the best ways to teach Baby to self-soothe at night. And that “self-soothe” turned out to be the key that unlocked exactly how to have happier, more restful nights…for all of us.

Here are the best ways to teach your baby to go to sleep, happily and without having to make them “cry it out.”

What Does “Self Soothe to Sleep at Night” Mean?

Self-soothing is when a baby is either not quite asleep, or she awakens briefly at night, but she gets herself back to sleep. Self-soothing is a critical part of teaching a baby to sleep through the night.

Every baby awakens briefly several times at night, and sometimes during their nap. If your baby relies on you to fall back asleep, she’ll cry. But if she has learned to get herself back to sleep, she’ll learn that nighttime isn’t scary, that you’re there, and that it isn’t time to wake up yet.

How to Teach Baby to Self Soothe At Night

Step 1: Establish a Bedtime Routine

One of the worst things you can do when you’re trying to teach Baby to self-soothe at night is to keep trying different things.

Why? Because your baby is actually learning that if she keeps crying hard enough, something new will happen. So she’ll try even harder next time not to be put down.

When you establish a solid bedtime routine you’re teaching Baby that certain things always happen at nighttime. You are not only training her in what to expect, night after night, but you’re teaching her body when it is time to settle down. That’s important, as over time, she will actually begin to become sleepy at the right time.

The most popular bedtime routine for babies is simple: bath, book and bed. Start there. You can add personal touches, like a certain song. But try to keep things as simple as possible. You need to be able to maintain the routine, even on nights you’re tired or very busy.

Step 2: Have a Sleep Training Plan

Just as with picking a bedtime routine, you need to pick one sleep training plan…and stick to it!

Jumping around from plan to plan will confuse your baby and is likely to make her cry even harder the next time, because you gave up and did something new.

Need help with your sleep training plan? I have developed the absolute best ways to get your little one to drift off on her own! I’m here for you. Contact or chat with me for details.

Step 3: Put Baby Down Drowsy, But Awake

It’s tempting to nurse or rock your baby to sleep, then put her down in her crib.

But imagine for one second that you’re your baby. You fall asleep drinking milk. Then suddenly, you open your eyes…and everything has changed. It’s dark, it’s silent, and Mommy isn’t there. For all you know, she disappeared into thin air.

Putting down your baby when she’s fast asleep almost guarantees that she’ll wake in the night crying for you out of fear and loneliness. Instead, put your baby down when she’s getting drowsy, but is not fully asleep. She knows what’s going on, but she’s pleasantly sleepy, so she sees your face as you place her in the crib.

Step 5: Stay With Your Little One…At First

Many parents find that if they stay with their baby while they being to drowse in the crib, they have much more success.

Don’t pick your baby up and don’t nurse her. Just stay in her room with the lights low.

Over time, she will feel secure enough to drop off without you nearby.

Difficulties When You Teach Baby to Self Soothe at Night?

I know it all sounds like things will go smoothly. And with the above tips, you have a much better chance to teach Baby to self soothe at night. But what if things don’t go exactly as planned? I’m here for you! My happy clients love that I am there to personalize a baby sleep plan just for them. Contact me today to get the help you need, so Baby can sleep easily…tonight and every night!

Dreaming of a Cry-Free Night?

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teach baby to self soothe at night

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