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After C-section delivery: Being a mother is the most beautiful feeling in the world

But during this time women have to take special care of themselves. It is necessary to take care of health not only after delivery. So that both the child and the mother can be healthy. It is believed that there is not much harm to the body in normal delivery.

Like what happens after C-section ie cesarean delivery. If health is not taken care of after a C-section delivery, then there may be a problem of stitches ripening. Apart from this, dehydration and skin-related problems can also occur especially during the summer days. Therefore, after a C-section delivery, drink plenty of water. But we will tell you how much water you should drink.

How much water should you drink?
Many women are confused about how much water to drink after cesarean delivery. You must drink at least 3-4 liters of water after delivery. Because after delivery, there is often a lack of water in the body. You should drink plenty of water to make up for that water shortage. Apart from this, you can also drink juices and shakes to keep the body hydrated in summer.

What are the benefits?
Joint pain relief

Drinking enough water throughout the day also provides relief from joint pain. This keeps the joints lubricated. Cartilage found in the joints and discs of the spine consists of at least 80 percent water. If there is a lack of water in the body for a long time, then this disc gets affected and joint pain can also start.

Easily digested food
Due to lack of water in the body, the digestive system is also unable to function properly. The main reason for this is that there is not enough fluid in the body to absorb the food. Apart from this, saliva production can also be reduced after cesarean delivery. Due to lack of water, moisture in the eyes and the brightness of the face can also decrease.

Beneficial for urine infection
Urine infection can also occur due to the lack of water in the body of women after a C-section delivery. By consuming plenty of water, all the waste products of the body also come out. Apart from this, problems like burning and pain can also occur in the private part.

beneficial for the brain
Consuming water is also very beneficial for your brain and bones. It also reduces your stress and tension. To refresh the mood, you can mix lemon and honey in water and consume it.

Complete the lack of oxygen
Water is found in more quantity in the body, similarly, at least 90 percent of water is found in the blood. Lack of water in the body can also affect the amount of oxygen that the blood carries. Due to a lack of oxygen, the body parts are not able to function properly.

How long should you drink hot water after delivery?
Often women also have some confusion about how long after delivery hot water should be drunk. Let us tell you that if you want to reduce the increased weight after C-section delivery, then you can drink warm water. Apart from this, drinking warm water also gives relief to the throat and problems like indigestion can also be relieved. You can drink warm water for up to 6 weeks after a C-section delivery.

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