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Baby Name: The naming ceremony is performed on the eleventh or twelfth day after the birth of a child

Naming ceremony
In Hinduism, the naming ceremony is performed on the eleventh or twelfth day after the birth of a child. in which the baby is named. You must have often seen the occasion of baby christening at your home. All the members of the family recommend naming
the child according to the first letter of the birth sign of the child or of their own choice and the best name is decided from among them. The naming ceremony is performed on an auspicious day and Muhurta.

How to do naming?
There is a kind of small worship in the naming ceremony, in which the parents of the child sit with the child in their lap. Apart from this, other relatives of the house also participate in it.

For worship, the pandit tells a letter according to the child’s zodiac sign. whereby the parents or other members of the child have to bear a name. By the way, many people keep the child’s home name and outside name separately. The child’s parents then speak the chosen name softly into the child’s ear. In this way the process of naming ceremony is completed. On that day the child gets the same name and that name is the identity of that child.

how to choose name
Keeping a name is very easy, but it becomes very difficult at times. You have to think for your child that which name will be right for the child or what will be the meaning of that name. Apart from this, there is also pressure on you that when the child grows up, he should like his name, lest he should be ashamed to tell his name. Nowadays people take the help of internet for baby names. In this, the letter from which they want the name is easily found along with the meaning.

Find children’s name like this
When choosing a baby name, keep in mind that the name should be easy to call so that people can easily call.
The name of the child should be very good to hear and must know its meaning before naming the name.
While choosing the name of the children, you should try to have a different name, so that when the child goes to school, there are not many children with his name. The child’s unique name sets him apart from the other kids in the crowd.

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