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Books On Surrogacy, Surrogacy is a complex and often emotionally charged process

  1. Surrogacy: A Legal Guide for Intended Parents, by Peggy A. Harris
  2. The Complete Guide to Surrogacy: A Compassionate, Comprehensive Guide to Creating Families Through Surrogacy, by Stephanie Caballero
  3. Surrogacy: A Guide to All Your Questions, by Joanne S. Barber
  4. The Surrogacy Handbook: A Legal and Emotional Guide to a Successful Pregnancy, by Elizabeth Katkin
  5. Surrogacy 101: A Guide for Intended Parents, by Jennifer Lahl
  6. Surrogate Motherhood: A Legal and Ethical Analysis, by Debora L. Spar
  7. Surrogacy: A Journey Through the Journey, by Carole LieberWilkins
  8. Surrogacy: A Guide for Prospective Parents, by Diane Hinson
  9. Surrogacy: A Guide for Intended Parents, by Lori B. Andrews
  10. The Surrogacy Law Handbook: A Guide for Intended Parents and Surrogates, by Lawrence D. Siegel

Surrogacy is a complex and often emotionally charged process, and it’s important that intended parents and surrogates both have a comprehensive understanding of the process before beginning. Books can provide a great resource for learning about the legal, financial, and emotional aspects of surrogacy. From books about the medical side of surrogacy to those about the legal and ethical implications, there is a wealth of information available.

Books such as Peggy Harris’ Surrogacy: A Legal Guide for Intended Parents provide a comprehensive overview of the legal matters involved in surrogacy, including contracts, parental rights, and custody issues. Other books such as Stephanie Caballero’s The Complete Guide to Surrogacy provide more of a focus on the medical and emotional sides of surrogacy.

Books such as Joanne S. Barber’s Surrogacy: A Guide to All Your Questions provide an in-depth look at the questions intended parents and surrogates might have throughout the process, such as how to handle insurance and fertility treatments, and what to expect during the pregnancy. Elizabeth Katkin’s The Surrogacy Handbook provides a comprehensive guide to the emotional and legal aspects of surrogacy, including how to choose a surrogate, how

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