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Common Skincare Problems during winters and their management through Ayurveda

There are several skin care problems that can occur during the winter season, and many of these can be managed through Ayurvedic principles and practices. Some common skin care issues during the winter months include dry, flaky skin, chapped lips, and acne. Here are a few Ayurvedic approaches to managing these problems.

Winters are quite enchanting for many, but equally repulsive due to a plethora of skin related issues. Winters are harsh. Hence most of the individuals are prone to skin problems. The major reason being the dry air in the atmosphere. Common skin related issues in winters usually present as- Dry, and itchy patches, cracked heels, Chapped lips, dry & irritated nose etc.

Dry, Itchy patches:

They lead to scales, redness, itching with small cracks in the skin.

This could be irritating and bothersome. Though it is minor skin ailment, it could lead to severe symptom in the form of pain and extreme dryness.

Cracked heels:

Cracked heels are a common foot problem. This can occur in both adults and children, surveys indicate that women are prone to it. For most people, it is not a serious condition but may always cause discomfort and lead to fissures if untreated.

Chapped lips:

In the winter months, there is very little humidity in the air that can cause chapped lips. If your lips burn, sting, or feel uncomfortable, they’re probably chapped. This also occurs if you have a habit of licking or biting your lips and wearing irritating lipsticks.

Dry & irritated nose:

A dry and itchy nose is one of the most irritating winter problems. To prevent yourself from the discomfort of a dry and irritated nose, try these simple Ayurvedic measures.

Wrapping up

Ayurveda emphasises on a series of daily regimen including diet and lifestyle modifications in shishira rutu (Winters). Milk and milk products are to be included in the diet as they impart unctuousness to the body and reduces the frequency of skin manifestations. Abhyanga (massage), luke warm water for internal administration and external use is mentioned in the classics. This keeps your skin hydrated & prevents dryness. Wearing warm clothes in the form of socks, gloves can ultimately protect your skin from the non-humidified air and improves circulation. Following these measures can fight the harsh winters and protect your body from various skin ailments. Hence, it’s time to winterize your skin care routine through Ayurveda and face winters without fear!!!

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