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Insurance for Women, How the needs of women, insurance companies are offering dozens of insurance products

Whatever be the insurance policy, its sole purpose is to make the future better and secure for us and our loved ones. But it is also true that one insurance policy cannot meet the needs of everyone. Because the need and responsibility are different from person to person.

Keeping this in mind, insurance companies have introduced dozens of insurance products keeping in mind the need of women.

Talking about women, this thing becomes even more important. In today’s fast-globalizing India, women are moving out of the realm of housewife and achieving new heights in professional life.

Which companies have policies for women

Considering the increasing share of women in the progress of the country, almost all the insurance companies have introduced women centric products. Among these companies, government insurance company LIC, ICICI Pru Life, HDFC Life, Aegon Religare, Bajaj Aviva Life Insurance, Birla Sun Life and many other companies have introduced insurance policies for women customers. About 28 percent of the total customers of LIC are women insured. This shows how conscious women are about their financial strength.

It is your wish that everything goes well to avoid the hassle of coming at the last minute. With the rapid development of technology, so does the cost of delivery of a baby. Hospital expenses have increased tremendously in both normal and caesarean deliveries. HDFC offers pregnancy coverage with ERGO Suraksha and My Health Medisure Classic to help you financially at the time of childbirth.

What should be seen?
While looking for the best insurance for pregnancy, you should always keep in mind that your maternity insurance should cover the whole baby as well. Does health insurance cover pregnancy expenses as well, the answer is yes.

Health insurance plans for pregnancy are designed in such a way that it can protect both the mother and the child.

Pregnancy coverage insurance
Under Maternity Benefit, expenses incurred before pregnancy such as diagnosis, doctor and medical expenses are covered. I.

Maternity insurance or pregnancy health plans cover the increased expenses due to childbirth. Take care of your soon-to-be mommy and save you financial troubles, HDFC ERGO Health Insurance will take care of your medical expenses. HDFC ERGO offers health insurance with maternity benefit in 2 plans namely; Health Suraksha Gold and Medisure Classic. After 4 years of continuous renewal, both these plans offer maternity cover as well as other benefits.

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