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Parenting Tips in How To Raise Your Children

The conflict between parents and children has become common these days. Children do not listen to their parents at all, they put pressure on them to fulfill their own insistence. Says indecent things to parents and hurts them. Some fall so low that by their actions, the heads of their parents are brought down in the whole society. Makes their life a miserable ordeal.

Such sights have become common not only in our Indian society, but in every country of the world, but no one can understand their solution. Giving birth to a best child and creating a heaven-like atmosphere in the family is a painful, long and scientific process, which is not yet possible to describe in detail.

But by taking some small things in life, we can not only raise our children well, but can also provide them that precious legacy of values ​​and values ​​which will develop in them those habits which will be lasting throughout their life. By force, he can make the name of his parents and country proud by developing an Extraordinary Magnetic Personality.

We will discuss those points which can make good upbringing of children easier while reducing the bitterness between the elder and the younger. Hope you like these parenting tips. how to be a good parent

  1. Identify Your Child’s Strengths
    Every parent in this world wants to raise their child properly, but very few parents pay attention to the powers of their child which he has brought with him in the world. Most of the parents remain ignorant of the natural features of their child and the result is half-completed development of the child. If parents recognize their child’s talent in time and pay attention to its development, then they do not know from where they can reach.

A few years back a Delhi woman who was very successful in her professional life gave up her burgeoning career so that her child, who was very talented, would not lose her merits like other ordinary children. He taught himself for a long time at home, instead of sending him to school like other mothers. His talent was sharpened and as a result the child became an IIT Topper (of North India) at the age of just 14.

  1. Make Them Responsible Make Them Responsible
    Parents are often very protective of their children. They do not even realize that when they have crossed the limits of security by taking care of the needs of the children. It should be the duty of every parent to make their child responsible. Help your child become self-dependent. Teach him how to make decisions independently.

Do not intervene at all unless necessary. As he grows up, ask him to help him in small tasks, so that he knows that he also has a duty towards the family and society. Having acquired the sense of responsibility from an early age, he will grow up and engage in fulfilling his responsibilities on his own. That’s why Robert Heinlein says – “Don’t make your children incompetent by making their lives easier.”

  1. Show Them Your Affection
    There is an old saying that children are a gift from God and gifts are always kept in our heart. Be friendly with your children. Give them your sincere love and affection without imposing any conditions. Only under the shade of your lap will he be able to make real progress. Just as a gardener takes care of the plants day and night with his skill and makes it a full-fledged tree, similar dedication is needed by your children too.

And it is a good thing that most of the parents in the world love their children from the bottom of the heart. To love children is to give them their birthright of freedom, to encourage them when they are doing a good deed and to reassure them that you will always love them, no matter what the circumstances. be

  1. Don’t Always Say Yes
    It is the duty of every parent to fulfill the essential needs of the child, but fulfilling his every wish is a crime. Which many parents do unknowingly and the result is that till they grow up, they get spoiled due to getting more love than necessary. Don’t do that. Never fulfill every legitimate demand of your child, unless he absolutely needs it.

This does not mean that even the smallest of childish desires that sometimes arise in the mind of the child should not be fulfilled, but a limit should be fixed for it. What John Gray has said a lot about this – “Children do not spoil by giving too much, but by giving more to avoid conflicts.”

  1. Monitor Their Activities Closely
    The physical and mental development of a human is very slow and it is completed somewhere around the age of 25 years. Children are far more developed physically and mentally than an adult person. They can be easily seduced and pushed into wrongdoings. Apart from this, their curiosity tendencies are so

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