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Question and Answer for Women’s Intimate life

Question: I am a 27 year old married girl. It’s been three months since I got married. Every time my husband and I have sex, I have bleeding problems after that. Which continues for a day or two. This has happened four or five times, due to which now I have started shying away from the name of sex. This doesn’t happen with any of my friends. Please tell me if this is not a disease. please solve my problem.

Answer: It is normal to have bleeding during sex for the first time. Although this is called ‘vaginal bleeding’, it is normal for young women to have bleeding from the cervix after having sex. However, it can also involve other parts of your genital and urinary system. But if there is frequent bleeding after sex, then it is better that you have a relationship once a week. Since the vagina is an important and delicate part of the woman’s body and the part of the vagina that is bleeding, it takes 5-6 days to heal.

cause of bleeding
sex bleeding Bleeding after sex can be due to many reasons, #Women including dryness in the vagina, due to dryness in the vagina due to friction during sex, its damage; having an infection, pelvic inflammatory disease, or a sexually transmitted infection (STI) of chlamydia; Cervical or endometrial polyps (carcinogenic growths inside the womb or cervix) etc. Does having anal sex keep a girl virgin

Try this experiment 2-3 times
lubricant-sex The second thing is to spend a little more time for foreplay while having sex, so that you too are mentally ready for sex and the amount of lubricant in your genitals is well spread. Try this experiment 2-3 times, still if bleeding occurs, then see a gynecologist.

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