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The deficiency of this vitamin puts women at risk of heart attack

Women are unable to take care of themselves by getting entangled in the responsibilities of home and family, tell that there are some nutrients which are lacking.

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Women are unable to take care of themselves by engaging in the responsibilities of home and family, let us tell you that there are some nutrients, due to which many problems start coming in the body. Due to their lack, women start facing problems like many deficiency diseases and weakness.

One such nutrient is vitamin D, which should not be deficient in women, otherwise they may have to face serious problems like attack, stroke, bone pain and joint pain. Let us tell you how there is a deficiency of this vitamin in the body.

Symptoms of Vitamin D Deficiency
getting sick frequently
Women who lack vitamin D in their body, their ability to fight disease is greatly reduced and for this reason they remain more ill. Vitamin D present in your body strengthens your immune system, which reduces the risk of infections and diseases.

Due to the lack of this vitamin, women have to face difficulty in doing the normal tasks in their everyday life, according to the information, women who are deficient in vitamin D often feel tired and weak, because In such a condition, the sugar level in the body is greatly reduced.

Not many people will be aware that vitamin D also works to keep our mental health good. As you already know that women are very emotional and sensitive, so they should definitely get this vitamin, if this is not done then women can become a victim of tension and depression.

weakness in bones
Like calcium, vitamin D is also considered important for bone strength, if women do not take enough vitamin D in their body, then their bones will become weak and they may have to face the problem of pain.

ways to get vitamin d
You can reach vitamin D to your body through sunlight. If you stay in the sunlight for 10 to 20 minutes every day, then you will not lack it. However, you can also transmit this vitamin to your body through food. For this you can consume milk products, fatty fish, mushrooms.

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