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Top 7 Questions About Baby Sleep Consulting

baby sleep consulting

I was recently asked one of the most common questions about baby sleep consulting. But it was a great question.

It made me realize that so many of us, as parents want the same things for our children. Healthy sleep is one of those things.

You might wonder what baby sleep consulting involves and whether it’s right for you. And yes, you’re wondering about cost. (If we were all born independently wealthy, we wouldn’t need to worry, but this is the real world!)

Here are the 7 most common questions I get about infant sleep consulting and the answers. Let’s get right to it.

#1: What Does a Sleep Consultant Do?

At the minimum, a sleep consultant will teach you how to handle sleep issues with your child.

However, a qualified baby sleep consultant may also provide you with:

  • breastfeeding advice
  • nutrition information for newborns through toddler age
  • swaddling
  • infant sleep habits
  • safe sleep guidelines
  • postnatal mental health
  • a sleep plan that works for your family

No two infant sleep consultants are the same, so make sure of exactly what the one you choose provides. Speak up — ask questions if you have them. A GREAT sleep consultant will be open to talking about what they can do for you.

#2: Can I Text My Sleep Consultant?

That depends on the consultant. Some are more than happy to speak to you via text. They can give you answers to brief questions or help you handle an emergency.

Be careful, though: you may be charged for these mini-consultations. Find out what your contract with them includes, such as a certain number of texts or phone calls.

Another option is to choose a sleep package that includes unlimited emails for a specific period of time. This way, you’re not interrupting your consultant, and they’re not interrupting you. And you get the answers you need.

#3: Do Sleep Consultants Teach ‘Cry it Out’?

Most do not. While you may be asked to let your child cry for a few minutes in order to see whether they’ll self-soothe, NO qualified infant sleep expert will tell you to let your baby cry for hours.

What usually happens is that you will be advised to go in every 10-15 minutes to gently pat your baby on the back and speak quietly, but not pick them up. This exact technique will vary depending upon your child and the plan you and the consultant have made.

#4: Is Sleep Consulting Expensive?

Depending upon their expertise and their locale, most sleep professionals will charge between $35 and $50 per hour for a basic sleep package. This might be based on a full-day rate that includes emails.

Example: a 14-day package costs $550. It includes 24-hour emails to your consultant. (They may answer you in the morning if you contact them during nighttime hours.) That comes to just under $40/hour.

By the way, this is a GREAT question. Never hesitate to ask your consultant directly what they charge.  If they’re hesitant, use a lot of double-speak, or seem offended, RUN! Find an honest expert who will be open with you.

#5: Will I Need a Sleep Consultant For My Next Child?

If you had sleep training with your first child, you may think, “I know how to do this.”

You probably do. After all, you have not only learned about sleep training from a pro, but you’re also your little one’s parent or caregiver. You know your child best.

Do know that all babies are different. Your children may need different sleep plans. So if you decide on a sleep expert for your next baby, you’re in good company. Many parents do.

#6: Is The Sleep Consultant Allowed to Handle My Child?

This is one of the top questions I get about baby sleep consulting. The answer is: only within certain strict parameters, and with your permission.

#7: How Do I Know I Can Trust My Sleep Consultant?

Here is where the internet comes in handy. Anyone is searchable. If you can’t easily find a website for your sleep expert, if they don’t have social media or if they have obviously not been practicing for long, you may wish to choose someone more transparent.

How to Become an Infant Sleep Consultant

Now that you know a little bit about what baby sleep consultants do, you may be interested in becoming one yourself. I have had so many students say they got their inspiration from teaching their own babies to sleep through the night. As owner of the Institute of Pediatric Sleep and Parenting, I teach women who are inspired, just like you. Get a FREE Sleep Consultant Starter Kit with everything you need to know about becoming a sleep consultant.

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Need More Questions About Baby Sleep Consulting Answered?

Do you have more questions about sleep consulting you’d like answered?

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