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Urination Habits: Women’s habit of holding urine is a big mistake

Is it safe to hold pee: Controlling urine for a long time can lead to many kidney diseases. The ability to hold urine depends on the age of the person. An adult’s bladder can hold up to 2 cups of urine. Over time, the increased amount of urine in the bladder increases the risk of bladder infection.

Our kidneys make urine by filtering waste and excess water from the blood. It contains waste bacteria from the body. Therefore, it should not be suppressed when there is a desire to take it out in the body. This is one of the unwanted activities of the body. Like coming. In such a situation, if you try to control it, then it creates a hindrance in the natural process of the body. As a result, many types of problems start occurring in the body.

Ayurveda doctor Aishwarya Santosh recently shared the results of controlling urine and advised not to do so. He explains that Ayurveda explains 13 natural urges that should never be suppressed. One of these is micturition (urination). Especially women suppress the urge to urinate due to many reasons. Doing so may add to your discomfort.

Side effects of holding urine

Age-dependent bladder capacity

The ability to hold urine depends on the age of the person. An adult’s bladder can hold up to 2 cups of urine. Whereas the capacity to store urine in children is half of it. This is the reason why children toilet again and again.

When does stopping urination become a problem?

Ayurveda experts say that stopping urination is a natural call. And when you try to obstruct it, you have to face many problems. Holding urine once or twice is fine, but when we do it regularly it can lead to many structural and functional abnormalities.

The risk of UTI increases with pain during urination

If more urine is held in the bladder than capacity, it can lead to infection. Actually, urine contains many useless bacteria of the body. When it is not removed in time, their quantity increases and infection occurs. Due to which the problem of pain starts during urination. Its cases are mostly seen in women because due to many reasons she suppresses the urge to urinate.

The problem of stones can bother

The habit of holding urine frequently can promote the problem of kidney stones. Apart from this, diet, overweight, medical conditions, and medicines can also cause kidney stones to form.