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What are the early symptoms of kidney failure?

These early symptoms are seen when there is a kidney disorder. The kidney is one of the main organs of our body, which cleans the internal organs of the body. The kidney purifies the blood, as well as removes all the harmful substances from the body.

Just as changes are seen in the body when any organ is damaged, similarly when the kidney starts to fail, some early symptoms are seen.

1- Fatigue and weakness Fatigue and weakness can be common symptoms of kidney failure. If you have kidney failure, you may have trouble concentrating.

2- Dryness and itching on the skin The kidney works to make red blood cells, remove waste products from the body and maintain the right amount of minerals in the blood. But when kidney damage starts, the balance of minerals and nutrients in the blood is not right. There is also itching on the skin.

3- Frequent urination If you have frequent urination, it could be a sign of kidney disease. Especially when there is frequent urination at night.

4- Blood in urine Healthy kidneys normally do the job of removing waste from the blood to make urine. But when the kidney filters are damaged, the blood cells start leaking into the urine.

5- Swelling in feet and ankles Swelling in the feet and ankles can also be a symptom of kidney failure.

6 – muscle cramps Poor kidneys can cause electrolyte imbalance. In this condition, calcium, phosphorus decreases in the body, due to which muscle cramps start.

7- Inflammation in kidney Toxins that harm the body do not come out and start mixing with the blood present in the body. This harms overall health.

8- Loss of appetite Loss of appetite. Loss of appetite is a common symptom of kidney failure.

9 — Protein excretion with urine In case of kidney failure, protein also leaks out with urine. In this condition swelling can be felt around the eyes. In kidney failure, the protein leaks out with the urine instead of remaining in the body.

10 – Foam in urine Many people also have foam with urine, this is a sign of kidney failure. In this condition, protein also comes out with urine.

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