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Women should not forget to consume this thing, otherwise they will have to give and take!

There are many such things of food and drink that do less benefit and more harm. Due to which our body has to suffer. Especially women should avoid doing this.

Do not forget to consume this thing
There are many such things related to food and drink which have a harmful effect on the health of the woman. According to experts, women should not forget to eat certain foods as they are not good for women’s health. Today we are going to talk about 5 such foods which have a bad effect on your health.

Do not drink alcohol
Especially women should avoid it. Research has shown that women who drink alcohol daily have a 50% higher risk of infertility than women who do not drink alcohol.

don’t eat fat free yogurt
According to experts, women should avoid fat-free curd. Fat-free yogurt in the market has high sugar content, which can lead to high blood sugar. As a result, many women are at increased risk of ovulatory infertility, so it is better to avoid it.

Do not use coffee cream
While drinking coffee in the market, some people apply cream on it, which enhances its taste. When it is made, hydrogen oil is added to it. It damages the heart, so drink coffee but not cream.

don’t eat white bread
Women should avoid or reduce the consumption of white bread. In fact, white bread is a refined carbohydrate and is absorbed by the human body like sugar. Also, it does not contain fiber at all, so it increases the level of insulin, women who already have polycystic ovary syndrome should avoid it completely.

do not drink fruit juice
Yes, fruit juice is also harmful for women’s health. Women have a higher risk of developing heart disease. Fruit juice is healthy, but it also contains sugar, so if you drink fruit juice then you should be careful and avoid over-consumption.

Things that contain glucose or fructose or any other type of sugar can harm your heart. It also increases inflammation in the body. Eat fruits instead of juice

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